The emergence of coronavirus has led to strange and uncertain times. We would like to take the time to explain the measures we are taking to limit the effects of coronavirus as much as possible:

  • We work from home whenever possible, and are available for contact via telephone, email, or WhatsApp messaging as per usual.
  • All projects which, taking into account the guidelines issued by Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environment RIVM, can be implemented and will continue as scheduled in consultation with our clients.
  • We are also at your disposal for new projects.
  • All appointments and meetings take place remotely, using Skype or other preferred means of online communication.
  • Naturally, we are keeping abreast of RIVM guidelines and recommendations, and will ensure full compliance at all times.

The nature of our activities so far remains unchanged. In organisational terms, there have been adjustments to implementation, but we have been able to limit the consequences for our clients to a minimum!

The Reuzado team wants to wish everyone the best of luck and good fortune in this difficult period!