Ever since it was founded, Reuzado ICT Services has been engaged in taking its responsibility in society. Not because sustainability has become a buzzword and not because our partners and clients demand it – but because we feel it is important that we each do our part in making the world better. And to do a little more, if possible.

Reuzado partners with schools to train interns – particularly students who find it a little harder to compete and/or suffer from behavioural issues. We also work with the Pasmatch temp agency to help the reintegration process of the long-term unemployed and have implemented a programme for people who find themselves removed from the labour market.

Since we started, we have been focussed on circular business enterprise. We ensure that the lifespan of equipment is extended, and that resources are reused as much as possible. The fact that we are not broadcasting our CSR activities to the general public is because we feel they are the logical thing to do. Reuzado aims for CSR from our own conviction, not as a marketing tool.