Mobile shredder

100% secure destruction of confidential data.
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    Shredding in compliance with DIN standards

    DIN standard 66399, security category 4, 5, 6, or 7. We provide you with a declaration of destruction directly upon completion of the on-site project.

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    Secure data carrier collection

    Specially secured containers/cages to be positioned on location for the collection and internal storage of data carriers. The containers are sealed and equipped with a letterbox slot.

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    Lower costs

    Reuzado has all logistics and staffing options under own management, which lets us minimise costs.

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    Fully transparent

    Transparency is very important to us. Therefore, you will retain ownership of your equipment until you approve the report.

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Additional information and questions

  • How is my data destroyed?

    For physical destruction, Reuzado uses a high quality shredder that physically destroys hardware. Nothing is left but small metal fragments from which no information can be retrieved. In addition to hard drives, USB flash drives, CDs, and similar data carriers can also be destroyed using the shredder.

  • How does the process work?

    Reuzado transports the shredder to your location at regular intervals or on-call. Our vetted driver scans the bar codes, and the hard disks and other data carriers are destroyed under your watchful eye. This happens in minutes and under video surveillance. Nothing could be safer, swifter, or simpler! You are provided with the serial numbers of all data carriers that have been destroyed, as well as a certificate of their destruction and environmental documentation.

  • What equipment can the shredder handle?

    Our shredder can process all types of data carriers; from hard disks to tapes, from DVD to flash drives, from phones to CDs, and so on.

  • From 10 workstations
  • Choose your own equipment
  • Comprehensible fees
  • Reduced administration costs

100% reliable, all data carriers

Desktops, notebooks, servers, mobile phones, SAN-environments… if a device stores data, Reuzado can remove that data. Naturally, Reuzado removes your data securely and completely. If your data is so sensitive that it should not leave your business premises, then we can complete the data destruction process on-site. For each data carrier whose data is destroyed, we provide a certificate to guarantee the destruction of the data with 100% certainty. We use certified Blancco data destruction software. Reuzado is a Blancco ITAD Gold Partner.


You old hardware is worth money! Your hardware is virtually always more valuable than the costs of pick-up, processing, and data destruction. We are happy to offer a non-binding indication of the costs and returns. To do so, we need information on your hardware and the logistics situation of your company. To come to a good valuation, the equipment’s specifications, condition, and number are important. The more detailed your information, the more precise our offer.

Lower costs

Reuzado has all logistics and staffing options under own management. This lets us keep costs low. Thanks to our 15 years of experience, we work efficiently and with little disturbance to our end users. We also have access to a global network of hardware clients – which is why Reuzado can offer the best returns on your old hardware.

Why Reuzado?

Transparency matters to us. In some cases, the returns may be higher or lower than projected. In such cases, we can clearly indicate the cause of the positive or negative difference. You will retain ownership of your hardware until you sign the report.

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