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    Save on purchasing

    Refurbished equipment is up to 60% cheaper than new equipment.

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    Excellent warranty

    All equipment is functionally perfect - which is why we offer up to 3 years in warranty on refurbished equipment.

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    Better for the environment

    Corporate social responsibility: a longer lifespan means less strain on the environment.

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    Outstanding quality

    All equipment is verified, tested, cleaned, and repaired where needed to make it feel like new.

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Additional information and questions

  • What does refurbished mean?

    Refurbished is the smart alternative to new. It is better for your organisation and for the world in general. Refurbished devices are devices that have previously been used. After having been verified, tested, cleaned, and repaired where needed by our specialists, these devices are like new. Next, they can be reused in business. Including a warranty up to 3 years.

  • How does refurbishment work?

    All equipment we receive is first subjected to Blancco data destruction. Then, the equipment is verified using a 40-point checklist. In case of doubt, components are replaced. Then, the inside of the equipment is cleaned of dust, as well as thoroughly cleaned on the outside. An operating system is installed, and the system is given a final check. Lastly, the device is added to our inventory.

  • What level of quality can I expect?

    All refurbished equipment is functionally perfect - which is why we offer 1 full year of warranty as standard. If you want, you can have this warranty extended to 3 years. There may be minor signs of wear on the outside of the equipment, but if this wear is excessive, we will replace the outside or repaint it.

  • Why choose refurbished?

    There are several good reasons. For one, refurbished equipment can be up to 60% cheaper than new equipment. Moreover, you will be giving the equipment a second lease of life, which is good for the environment. In some cases, organisations use only a particular model of device, which is no longer available through retail - in which case a refurbished alternative of the same quality is very convenient.

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