Part of your IT department

A Reuzado Connect contract partners us with your own IT department. You can make use of all of our services for a fixed monthly fee per device.
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    All our services in one package

    Make use of all our services, including swap service and manufacturer warranty handling.

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    IT staff at your convenience

    Make the best possible use of your staff by implementing Reuzado for larger projects and ad hoc issues.

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    Fast and flexible

    Different contract options with response times from 4 hours for various problems.

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    Clear pricing

    Fixed costs are invoiced per month, making our service very easy to combine with DaaS or WaaS solutions.

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A flexible and cost-saving IT department with Reuzado Connect

Multipurpose contract forms and response times

A Reuzado Connect contract partners us with your own IT department. At a fixed monthly fee per device, you can make use of all of our services – from installing images to internal moves, workstation installations, warranty handling, asset registration, data destruction, and so on.

Implement Reuzado staff for assignments or orders you are not equipped to handle in terms of time, manpower, or expertise.

Various contract options with varying response times are available. For example, we offer a 4-hour swap service: any faulty device is exchanged for a replacement with the latest image within 4 hours, after which we handle the warranty process for the faulty device.

A Reuzado Connect contract means never employing unnecessary IT staff, nor having to contract unknown third parties for internal projects.

Additional information and questions

  • What types of companies can benefit from Reuzado Connect?

    Particularly those companies with a large number of different locations but one central IT department. But also those organisation with a large number of users and a relatively small IT department that wants to offer the same flexibility and speed as a larger IT department.

  • How do I register a call?

    Contact us either through a standardised email, a phone call with our help desk, or register directly from your own environment in our CRM package. We use Topdesk.

  • Is this service restricted to new equipment?

    No, your current equipment can also be included in a Reuzado Connect contract.

  • Am I required to have Reuzado implement all contract services?

    You determine who you want to implement for particular services: your own people, or Reuzado. A Reuzado Connect contract means fees are paid per call, meaning you determine whether to use Reuzado on a by-call/by-project basis.

  • What is a swap service?

    Swap service means we keep an inventory of several models of your devices. In case of a faulty device, we collect the offending item within an agreed upon time to exchange it for a pre-installed version from our inventory. We also handle the warranty process for the faulty device, and ensure that it is returned to our inventory following repairs.

  • Our company's images are regularly updated. How does Reuzado ensure their images are up-to-date?

    Reuzado is equipped to implement a VPN tunnel, ensuring that we always have access to your latest image.

  • All Reuzado services
  • Rapid response times
  • Flexible use of ICT staff
  • Multipurpose contract options

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