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Reuzado conducts its logistics services from its own warehouse in Halfweg, the Netherlands. We offer custom solutions for issues of logistics.
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    Supplied to your desk

    Reuzado can supply products to your desk, including workstation connection and installation.

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    Environmentally aware

    Reuzado has a waste management facility for separating packaging and depreciated equipment, and to process this equipment in compliance with WEEELABEX regulations.

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    Fully under own management

    Reuzado implements activities exclusively at our own warehouse, using our own equipment and our own people.

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    Flexible delivery

    No packaging, minimum packaging, or in the original box. Everything is possible.

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Additional information and questions

  • How is the equipment delivered?

    We offer several options for the delivery of your equipment. No packaging, minimal packaging, or in the original box. From bulk shipment on pallets to delivery at your desk including workstation connection and installation. The choice is entirely yours. We are happy to walk you through the possibilities.

  • What happens to packaging and waste materials?

    Reuzado has its own waste management facility, where we separate and process packaging materials. Your old, non-reusable equipment is also processed here in accordance with WEEELABEX regulations.

  • What is WEEELABEX?

    WEEELABEX is short for Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment LABel of EXcellence. It is a standard of quality for European manufacturers and processors working in the collection, storage, transport, processing, recycling, and re-use of devices.

  • How does CMDB product registration work?

    All equipment we send and receive is digitally registered. Once you indicate how you wish to be provided with the information (such as a MAC address or a serial number), we will include it digitally with every shipment.

  • From delivery to installation
  • WEEELABEX certified
  • Flexible transport options
  • CMDB registered

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