Want to donate your IT equipment too? This is the amount that has already been donated through Reuzado:

Is your hardware in need of replacement? Then donate your old IT equipment and support a charity!
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    Donate IT: support a charity of your choice

    Choose your own charity and donate the residual value of your IT equipment.

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    100% complete data destruction

    Your data is destroyed securely and completely.

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    We are helping out

    Reuzado wants to encourage companies to donate IT equipment. Therefore, we take care of the costs of data destruction for you.

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    No worries about logistics

    We take care of the entire logistics and handling process - letting you support a charity at zero stress.

Want to use your old hardware to support a charity? Call Reuzado today!

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Additional information and questions

  • What IT equipment is eligible for donation?

    You can donate devices like computers, screens, network and security, backup, printers, servers, tablets, telecoms, storage, and accessories. If you cannot find the devices you wish to donate in this list, then contact us - we can probably be of service anyway.

  • What happens to my data if I donate my IT equipment?

    We use Blancco - the global standard in data destruction. Following data destruction using Blancco, there is no technology that can ever retrieve it. That is why Blancco comes recommended by NATO and TUV. You will be presented with a detailed report and certificate for each data carrier to make sure that your data has been destroyed.

  • Can I choose my own charity to donate my IT equipment to?

    Certainly! We have listed several examples on our website, but feel free to choose a charity yourself. It is your donation, so you should decide which charity to support with it.

  • Can I also donate part of my IT equipment?

    Yes, you can also donate part of the residual value of your IT equipment. You will be provided with an overview of the costs and returns of the equipment, after which you can decide what amount we should donate to your charity.

Here are examples of charities who would benefit from your donated IT equipment:

Support a charity: donate the residual value of your IT equipment

Corporate social responsibility

Make someone’s day: donate your IT equipment

Is your IT equipment scheduled for replacement, and are you unsure what to do with it? Then donate the residual value of your IT equipment to a charity of your choice. Reuzado will handle the processing of your equipment. Because we want to encourage companies to make donations, we will take care of the costs of data destruction.

Become a partner

Want to join Reuzado in offering support to charities in a positive way? Then contact us today! We would be happy to discuss the different partnership options with you.

100% complete data destruction

Desktops, notebooks, servers, mobile phones, SAN environments; data stored on any device can be removed by Reuzado. We destroy your data securely and complete using Blancco.

If your data is of such a sensitive nature that it should not leave your premises, then we can complete the data destruction process on location. We use certified data destruction software by Blancco. For each data carrier, we will provide a certificate to guarantee that the data has been destroyed with 100% certainty.

Every little helps!

If you are in doubt whether there is sufficient value to your old hardware, then contact us today.

In virtually all cases, the value of your old hardware is greater than the costs of their pick-up and processing. As a result, IT equipment is often worthwhile. We would be happy to provide a non-binding indication of the costs and returns. If you can provide information on your hardware and your company’s logistics situation, we can offer you a valuation of your equipment. The more detailed your information, including the specs, condition, and number of items, the more exact our proposal.

  • 100% secure data destruction
  • Donate your IT equipment to a charity of your choice
  • Corporate social responsibility

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