Guaranteed destruction of your data

Nowadays, data is one of the most valuable things a company can own. Reuzado treats your data with the greatest of care, and guarantees 100% secure and certified data destruction.
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    Certified and guaranteed

    For each data carrier, you are given a certificate as proof and guarantee of the full and secure destruction of all data.

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    At your location or at our warehouse

    If you do not want your data to leave company grounds, we can destroy it on-site.

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    All types of data carries

    Reuzado can destroy data on any type of data carrier - from notebooks to workstations, mobile phones, servers, tablets, and so on.

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    Both hardware and software destruction

    Reuzado can also physically destroy your data carriers by grinding them in a shredder - even on-site.

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Additional information and questions

  • How long before the reports and certificates of data destruction are provided?

    You will be sent the reports and certificates within two weeks of our collection or reception of the equipment.

  • Which data destruction method is more secure: Blancco or shredding?

    Once data is removed from a hard drive using Blancco, the full destruction of all data on that drive is 100% guaranteed. If the drive is shredded, the data continues to exist on minute disk fragments of hard drive. Theoretically, this data might still be retrieved. However, this is such a time-consuming and complex process that data destruction through shredding can also be considered virtually 100% guaranteed.

  • Is it possible to have data on existing equipment destroyed and then to have this equipment returned afterwards??

    Yes, that is no problem at all. If you want, we can reinstall another operating system or your image on the equipment following the data destruction process.

  • Is it a problem if the number of data carriers cannot be specified beforehand?

    No, that is no problem at all. We will make sure to provide you with an inventory of all the equipment we have collected before providing you with the reports and certificates.

  • Is it also possible to include depreciated, non-data carrying equipment when the equipment is collected?

    That is possible, but we would need an indication of the amount of equipment - with regard to our choice of transportation vehicle. We will then dispose of the equipment through our waste collection facility.

  • Certified data destruction
  • At your location or at our warehouse
  • Software & hardware destruction
  • Blancco ITAD Gold Partner

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